To have lots of fun and ensure every child is happy, safe and smiling. Our team values are teamwork, friendship, competitiveness, respect, and fun.  Our success is based on improved performance and skills week on week and ensuring the girls and boys continue to play year on year.

There are many benefits with your child joining the team, including:

  • Making new friends, having funlearning and sharing new skills
  • Spending time with your children in a team environment
  • Access to free training and resources
  • Making a valuable contribution to the community
  • Setting a good example for kids in the area
  • Becoming part of the community and/or being part of a club
  • Replace screen time with active games
  • You child will learn about the importance of values such as Honesty, Teamwork, Fair Play, Discipline, Respect for themselves & others



Over the years O’Dwyers have developed a successful 3 step onboarding process to welcome a new player to the team and club

1. Help and coaching with the games

    • For the first few training sessions, you will be assigned a buddy and provided with additional coaching to help you get up to speed
    • The coach will advise you of training times and match schedule
    • The emphasis at a juvenile level is always on fun, participation, and enjoyment

2. Advice on membership, gear, team communication, and events

    • The coaches will advise you the array of membership and payment options
    • Policies & Procedures: code of conduct drawn up for Coaches Mentors & Trainers
    • You’ll be added to the Team communication group

 3. Follow-Up and Feedback

    • The team coaches will continually follow-up with you to ensure the process is proceeding as expected

NOTE: On the first training session we would advise that both parents and players come down to the session about 15minutes early as your child will be nervous and it is better if they see the players coming to them than vice-versa



A group of 10-15 voluntary Mentors (small army) that manages the Team.  Mentors are parents who have children playing on the team.

  • U9s Mixed (Boys & Girls)
    • Mick Hughes (086 821 1129)
    • Noel Walsh
    • Mark Grant
    • Ger O’Sullivan,
    • Brian Langan,
    • Olga Wolak
    • Anna O’Byrne
    • Jarek Kura
    • Stephen Jenkinson
  • U9 Girls
    • Damien Moore
    • Ken Stuart
    • Joe Hughes
    • Sinead Roache

All Coaches/Mentors are required to be fully Garda Vetted, undergo the GAA Child Welfare courses,  fully paid members, certified GAA coaches, always have the best interests of the child/player and club in mind and adhere and enforce Club Code of Behaviour




  • As we are a dual team (Football & Hurling), we train 1-week Gaelic football and 1-week hurling/camogie
  • Summer Training (Mar – Oct )
    • Monday: 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm at O’Dwyers Main Pitch (Bremore Park)
    • Wednesday: 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm at O’Dwyers Main Pitch ( Bremore Park)
  • Winter Training (Oct – Feb)



Go Games are small-sided versions of Gaelic football and hurling, with the use of all skills in a normal full-sided game.  Full participation, fair play, and every child plays is the ethos of the games

  • U9s Mixed (Boys & Girls) Games
    • U9s mixed have matches every Saturday @11am from Feb to Oct.
    • 1-week Football and 1-week Hurling
  • U9 Girls
    • U9 Girls matches are on a Sunday @11am from Mar to Oct.
    • 1-week Football and 1-week Camogie
  • We arrange challenge games throughout the year as the weather gets better


We are in the process of drafting an events calendar, to coordinate organise multiple social activities for the team. This is to help with team bonding, building friendship and teamwork.  This may include activities such as

  • Trips down the country or to a tournament
  • Junior Hell & Back
  • Awesome Walls, Jump Zone, Courtlough
  • Dublin Players Meet & Greet
  • Trips to Croke Park to Dublin Ladies and Men Football and Hurling/Camogie teams.
  • Training on the beach
  • Plus special guests during the year at training




Usually the best way, Any coach any time

ClubZap App

O’Dwyers GAA are moving all team to a new (free) App called ClubZap, to better manage communication across the club, so to stay up to date with news, fixtures and results follow these 4 easy steps

  1. Download ClubZap here
  2. Search for “O’Dwyers GAA” in the club search
  3. Validate your installation by completing the form with your Name, Email & Phone Number
  4. If prompted enter the 6 digit validation code you received via text message

Further Information & Help visit here:



GAA Covid 19 e-learning module

The GAA return to play has been in operation since the 29th June 2020, with players young and old enjoying our games. To ensure there is a shared understanding of the Safe Return Guidelines, all players(parents), mentors, officials MUST complete the GAA Covid 19 e-learning module. It takes 5-10 mins and is available at

Return To Play’ health questionnaire

Before each skills week session, you will be issued an invite via ClubZap with a ‘Return To Play’ health questionnaire included, a mandatory question to that the above e-learning module is complete

Facilities & Parking Restrictions

Please remember that our car park is currently closed, we would encourage patrons to walk/cycle to our club.  Car parking is available in BREMORE CASTLE CAR PARK – 2-minute walk to the club grounds/pitch

Please DO NOT use private car parks in houses and apartment blocks on Hamlet lane and refrain from parking on the park outside club gate causing traffic blind spots and obstructions.

Further details here:



The club has three Child protection officers to provide parents and children with the opportunity to voice any concerns that they may have. All Coaches, children, and parents must sign up to our club code of behaviours; this can be found on our club policies 



Membership and subs contribute towards Insurance of the player, football and hurling equipment, maintaining of the clubhouse and grounds, winter training cost when indoors and Go Games referee fees each week. The GAA registration year starts on April 1st each year and ends 31st March the following year. A list of benefits and discount from local retailers are available our membership page,  these include

  • All players must be paid-up members to enable them to play in Football and Hurling Go Games by Dublin GAA.
  • Players are covered in the event of a sports injury whilst playing or training under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund.
  • Giving support to your club, both financially through the membership fee but more importantly through participation in club activities.
  • Use of O’Dwyers GAA Facilities (Room rental for parties, access to pitches and playing facilities for club activities)
  • 10% discount in All Care Pharmacy Balbriggan
  • 10% discount on sports goods in McFadden’s Shop Balbriggan
  • €30 per month discounted membership at Platinum Gym Balbriggan
  • €1 of each haircut at Capital Barbers Balbriggan
  • GRMA (GAA rewards programme): members can benefit from 25% off purchases at and in participating Elverys stores by redeeming a voucher.



The annual membership fee (1st April to 31st March) is €75 per player per year OR €110 for siblings or player and parent, this is necessary to cover the player in the event of a sports injury whilst playing or training under the GAA Injury Benefit Fund.

These fees can be paid Online – once off payment or monthly installments over four months via our membership page OR Weekly to Club registrar via cash on Saturday morning in the clubhouse between 11-1pm.

There is a €5 per week subs fee, payable on training days. If playing on other teams only one sub payment is required.



For children attending for the first time and looking to try out football and hurling, we will supply hurls and helmets to get them started. All O’Dwyers clothing can be purchased in our Club Shop, which is open every Saturday from 11-1pm.

  • Shorts and Socks: White shorts and green socks that can be picked up from our Club Shop
  • Jerseys: Each player will be supplied with a jersey for the games. Club jerseys can also be purchased from our Club Shop and a lot of kids where them at the games which is fine.
  • Football Boots: At this age, we recommend boots with moulded studs, the cheapest pair in the shop will usually suffice as they will grow out of them within the year.
  • Runners for indoor/winter training
  • Shin-guards: For kids hurling, we recommend that they wear a set of shin-guards
  • Mouthguards: For football, it is compulsory to wear in our games and training.  Check our mouthguard information guidelines on the different options available. Our recommendation is to buy a good fitting ‘boil and bite’ mouthguard that retail for about €10.
  • Hurl: size 22 from 26 is a typical size for U9s that can be picked up from our Club Shop. A larger hurl will inhibit the players from mastering the hurl, it is therefore very important to measure correctly, see our guide on selecting the correct hurl
  • Helmet: can be purchased in Club Shop, McFadden’s, O’Neill’s, Elverys, and Lidl deals, etc. The club also has a buy-back scheme for helmets should you want to turn it.



Our club is a participant in the GAA’s health club initiative. It is important that the children have a healthy breakfast (porridge, fruit, etc.) and plenty of fluids on the morning of the games. We would discourage sweets before and after the games and training.



We currently have over 20 U9 players, the coaches would like this team to continue in the Go Games 3 team league (9 players on a team), and to do this we need more players. This is to ensure:

  • That everyone in this age group gets a game (nobody standing on the side-line)
  • We play against more the established bigger clubs in Dublin (competitive and less traveling)
  • Continued kids development, as they will have a wider circle of friends

So spread the word and encourage the kids to bring a friend down to training, to try it!





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