Executive update- April

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O’Dwyers GAA Club

2024 Exec Monthly Update

April 2024

Well done to the teams that participated in Feile competitions, across camogie, football and hurling. We hope you enjoyed the experience. You did yourselves, your team, your parents and club proud

We are still working through the motions raised by members during the AGM in 2023

  • Club Policy Audit & Review to be commenced
  • Club 5 year Plan; information gathering has commenced and is in progress to be completed by year end
  • Recruitment of Player officer role has been paused due to no candidates, so the function is moved into C&G Schools committee

As always we would still like to hear from you.

If you have any points, queries or topics which you would like raised with the Exec please email Secretary secretary.odwyers.dublin@gaa.ie in confidence and we will endeavor to respond to you as soon as possible. Alternatively reach out to a member of the Exec Committee and topics can be raised to the Exec meeting agenda for review.

Club membership for 2024 is now overdue

  • Membership 2024 is now closed and any outstanding memberships are overdue. currently we have 1,038 members registered which is an increase year on year and we have seen 22% growth in club over the last 3 years
  • Introductory membership for new players for the 2024 Season is now closed and will resume in 2025
  • Membership registration must be in place for all players by 28th March. A non-registered player is not permitted to play or train after 28th March - unless an exception is granted via Club Registrar.
  • Membership entitles players to participate in the Player Injury fund (up to the value of €4,500). Only fully registered players can avail of this and injury reports must be submitted timely as per process on club website.
  • If there are any players on your team that have difficulties in paying the membership, please raise this with the Registrar team in confidence and the individual case will be reviewed in order to agree upon viable option for the individuals

General Club Updates

  • [New] Progressive Credit Union - We would like to thank Progressive Credit union for their continued support and commitment to the club with a renewal of the 2024 jersey sponsorship of our Intermediate men and minor football teams.
  • O’Dwyers does Video Music Awards - May 2024, IS well under way with groups & bands busy rehearsing and fundraising. If you can lend any support to events, or sponsorship please reach out to any of the dancers or member of Fundraising group. A lot of unseen effort goes into these events and it is for the good of all members current & future.
  • Club promotional locations if any members can secure prominent locations for additional temp or perm club signage please contact secretary.odwyers.dublin@gaa.ie with details of location for consideration
  • Fingal Leadership Programme - Well done to the 10 junior coaches from OgDwyers whom participated in the Fingal Leadership programme
  • Assistant Player Coach roles Are in place and have been recruiting within a number of schools, if you have a new player can you track how they came to your team and feed that info back to Denise - So we can track
  • [New] Time to say goodbye - Unfortunately it is nearly time for us to say goodbye and wish best of luck to our GPO & club friend Anto Holly, Anto will be missed by all at the club and during his time he has brought a lot of energy, fun and expertise to the club. His Anto dance will always be remembered by the children in the club, We would also like to welcome Gary Woods,our new GPO who will be on ramp up in the schools over the coming weeks. Gary has a strong track record in community work and comes to us as a new GPO from Whitehall Colmcilles club.
  • 2025 Summer Camps - Final plans are being made and sign up dates will be released in the coming two weeks. This year we are happy to announce that Primtac Personnel Ltd will be the main sponsor of our summer camps
  • Website Development - Refresh is in progress, so watch this space for new content. Are you a wordsmith or interest in getting involved with the content refresh on the website, get in contact secretary.odwyers.dublin@gaa.ie
  • Taylor Hill Pitch development - Progress is in progress on the handover of this pitch, Fingal Co. Council and developer have had meetings and a handover snag is underway. We should expect an update on the status of the pitch in the coming weeks
  • JP McManus Club Donation; Fund [€13,500] allocation is still under review and details will be shared upon final decision from Exec
  • Hurling & Camogie workshops with Humphrey Kelliher a follow up workshop was completed and a final review scheduled in the coming weeks to outline strategy going forward - Many thanks to Ronan Coone for leading the charge with the team on this topic
  • [New] Club team fundraising efforts commenced in April with mixed response from teams to date. It would be great if all teams could participate so we have a good opportunity to release funds for team activities at year end ( Max ask for each team is to host two events in a calendar year )
  • Upcoming club celebrations;
    • Club Birthday and Ladies Section Anniversary
    • Video Music Awards ( Big Event ) City North Hotel 25th May
    • Club Day 2nd June
    • All Ireland Finals up for the match

Keep an eye out for future information on activities around these major milestones and VMA activities over the coming weeks

New Development Progress Update

Progress has been steady on the build and is still on target for build completion in mid Summer. The exact date is to be determined although it is still subject to the below points and progress with partners.
Progress to date and pending Areas

  • Main pitch verge is not complete and grass is laid to complete area and full fencing is now complete
  • New entrance design and planning to be complete by mid/end of May
  • 2nd fix electrical downstairs is complete and ready for termination - 1st fix electrical in progress upstairs
  • Plumbing 1st fix complete and sanitary selected and in storage for final fix
  • Fire stop building in progress
  • Design & feasibility in progress for upstairs meeting room and function areas

Further Updates
  • A Further site visits on progress will be scheduled in line with the club day on the 3rd of June

Monthly Decisions

  • First Aid course for Coaches and team helpers agreed an suitable dates to be agreed for interested parties to register
  • Club House & Bar to open for duration of Championship games with club opening both Sat & Sun
  • Balbriggan Summer Festival collaboration between club and organizing committee in progress on how we can support and have greater participation in the events
  • Proposal review from interested parties in progress for Coffee/Barista partnership
  • School blitz in planning and dates to be agreed with schools over coming months
  • Club sponsorship and player injury fund processes to be reviewed and shared upon agreement
  • New development training room - Requests for change of design or expansion of the current facility cannot be accommodated at this time as it will be a functional change and lead to additional cost and delay to project - New training room is larger than existing room and there is capacity for overflow into sports hall for additional space
  • For all team equipment requests and/or first aid packs these are to be requested via Cathal Kearney for consideration and purchase.
  • Reminder to all teams that any trips or challenge matches must be approved by Exec prior to organising to ensure alignment on club policies