Club Plan

In early 2016 a decision was taken by O’Dwyers Club to develop a five-year strategic development plan. The purpose of this development plan was to guide and advise on-going management and development so that the O’Dwyers GAA Club can maximise its beneficial influence on the local community.

To prepare the plan, it was necessary to review all aspects of Club affairs and to ensure that any future plan would be constructed around the values and traditions that make us proud to be members of O’Dwyers Club.  The plan would be clear, practical and have understandable and attainable/achievable objectives. It would be for everyone and volunteer-led. The plan would provide many benefits for the Club including:

  • Identify and prioritise the club’s aims and aspirations for the future
  • Enable the Club resources to l be used more effectively
  • Recognise where the Club has come from and where it is now
  • Act as a necessary support document for grant applications and bank loans
  • Be an important document when approaching prospective sponsors and lending institutions
  • Improve Club spirit by involving members in decision making and developing teamwork off the field
  • Demonstrate the Club’s commitment to local communities
  • Demonstrate what the Club can offer potential new players/members
  • Provide continuity for incoming administration members
  • Assist the Club with managing change

This plan covers many different aspects of the Club including fundraising and financial management, Club structures and administration, membership, games development and coaching, public relations and facilities development. It allows a Club to decide its priorities and set our own objectives towards achieving them. In the preparation of this Plan, the bottom-up approach was used with input from a very wide range of members and Club stakeholders.

The plan will build on the Club’s strengths and deal with potential challenges. It is a living document, will be reviewed regularly against the targets defined and will be refined and developed. Please find a copy of our Club Development ‘Living” Plan here to download

If you would like to get involved in putting the actions of this plan in place please contact us on Some pictures from our Launch Night and Family Day can be found on

A copy of our Club Development ‘Living” Plan is available here for download