A Chara

Over the last number of months, there have been a number of instances where club members have proceeded with fundraising and/or sponsorship campaigns for respective teams and/or club activities.

Although the fundraising committee and executive do recognise the activities were done in the right spirit and with the best intentions for respective teams and our club. There have been some instances where the activity has gone outside of club policy.

In order to refresh and inform new members of our club policy please see below.


All fundraising activities within or external on behalf of the club. Must get prior approval from the Fundraising committee and/or Club Executive


All team sponsorship must get prior approval from club executive, this also includes to the sponsorship or purchase of any club gear which bears the club name/logo. In addition, this relates to the sourcing of club gear we have two sole suppliers O’Neills and ZZ Sports if members wish to seek alternatives to these suppliers a formal request is required to be submitted to our club executive for approval.

As we are embarking on an extremely busy period for the club in particular in sponsorship and fundraising it is important that we have alignment and clear direction of activities, and we utilise and maximise our opportunities to the best of our abilities this includes, for example, local businesses, sponsorship permits.

Again it is important to note that this is not directed at any team/person within the club it is realignment on the club policy.

Thank you for cooperation and support.

Best Regards

David Rooney

Asst Treasurer