As per our previous update regarding the development, we would like to provide a further status on the progress of our new club development.

There are a number of separate processes closed and still in motion at the moment, see below the current status of the milestones.

✔ Peer review of project, design, and costings signed off by GAA representatives.
✔ The project has been agreed with our partners and the project signed off by the GAA Central council
✔ Full planning is in place
✔ The overall sales and purchase agreement contracts have been agreed & Signed with our Partners in Fingal County Council (FCC)
✔ Our preferred Builder has been selected and he is still committed to the timelines set out and agreed with the Development Team

  • We are awaiting a final tax clearance document from the Tax office
  • Upon receipt of this clearance, secured grants will be drawn down and moved to the new development.
  • Site works can proceed to commence upon finalisation of Grant reallocation

It is important for members to understand that the last steps are in progress and have been in progress for the last 30 days and are being held up due to the current COVID – 19 limitations.

As soon as these final steps are completed a follow-up meeting will be called to share with members the timelines of the revised project and the status of the financials and impact on the project deliverables. Our expectation is that this will take place in the coming weeks.

Bremore Regional Park Development

Separately, Fingal County Council has been progressing a park development and design plan to guide the future development of Bremore Regional Park, Balbriggan, North County Dublin.

Fingal County Council and design partners have shared with us their initial design and proposed plans for the Sports Hub (this is excluding the already committed to GAA pitch within the park)

Although this is a separate process from our own club development process we are key stakeholders in Bremore Regional park and we have participated fully in the design process of the use of the park to date.

We are continuing to work with our partner Fingal County Council on this proposal and as soon as we receive confirmation of the decision we will communicate the same to all members.