Dear Members & Friends

Following a discussion with the Club Executive Committee, a decision has been made regarding the re-opening of parking facilities within Bremore park. As you are aware our club has grown from strength to strength over the last number of years and we have ever-growing numbers in our Juvenile sections.

With this in mind, the Club Executive has made the decision that effective from 17th September

  • No parking is permitted in the Club on Saturday until 1 pm – this is in order to facilitate the safe entry and exit access to the Club for OgDwyers Nursery and younger teams
  • No parking will be permitted in the parking spots at the front of the club area – Parking is only available behind the Cardy Rock goal or on the training strip – Remedial work will be conducted in the coming weeks

The decision is made to ensure that we have a safe club taking into consideration the potential risks and Health & Safety.

Further information club car parking is available here:

I would like to thank all members and friends for their cooperation with this matter.

Yours in Sport

Liam Howley