The Schedule (From Jun 29th, 2020)

  • Allow contact training and challenge games for all from Monday, June 29. Await clarification on what will constitute a close contact versus a casual contact.
  • Restriction on participants only attending training sessions to be relaxed from June 29 – subject to a government-specified maximum of 200 people in the ground.
  • All control measures for players, coaches and other team personnel (completion of a health questionnaire, eLearning education, etc) is to remain in place until advised otherwise
  • “No room for complacency in this and people should carry out social distancing and washing hands ….. our membership to be vigilant and careful and not to take this return on in a complacent manner because if we do then we are going to lose out again …. John Horan GAA President
    • U16s: – August 5th
    • U15s: – August 13th
    • U12s to U14s: – August 22nd
    • U8 to U11s: – August 29th

Parents / Players – Covid19 Safety Protocols

  1. Complete the Covid-19 Club Education eLearning Module (10-15mins)
  2. Complete a return to play health questionnaire prior to returning to play to your team A useful video on how to complete the questionnaire is available here.
  3. Ensure you are up to date on the new club policies and information for return to play and use of our club facilities reference
  4. Parents/Guardians must share this information, in an age-appropriate manner
  5. Ensure that the Team Covid Supervisor is made aware of any medical condition
  6. It will be the responsibility of the individual to inform the team’s Covid Supervisor of any change in circumstance before subsequent sessions.
  7. Temperature checking It is the responsibility of the individual to monitor their own temperature. The presence of symptoms such as a high temperature (above 37.5c), cough, sore throat, general weakness, shortness of breath and change or absence in taste or smell prevents attendance at training with a recommendation that the player contacts their general practitioner 
  8. Please ensure you continue to practice hygiene best practice
    • Frequent hand washing, sanitizing, and washing of gear and equipment.
    • Avoid: spitting, sharing water bottles, touching high contact surfaces (e.g. door handles)
    • Use of face masks where applicable
    • Continue to observe government guidelines on social distancing ( 2m distance )
  9. Please ensure that you attend training early and are available to collect your underage child from the club entrance ( there will be no parking permitted on the club grounds ( parking is available at Bremore Castle )
  10. Training sessions may be reduced, along with time and location so please refer to your team Mentor / Coach
  11. Some club facilities will be unavailable during the period ( Clubhouse, meeting rooms, dressing rooms )
  12. Parents are always welcome to remain and watch your child’s training session, however, you should adhere to social distancing guidelines and adhere to Team/Club COVID Supervisor requests
  13. The club are putting in place additional policies and protocols and we would appreciate your cooperation during this period
    • Increased hand sanitization stations throughout club ground
    • Facilities ( Toilets ) will be deep cleaned and sanitized
    • Club shared equipment will be sanitized after each session

Bremore Pitch Layout & Access

 Facilities & Car Parking 

  • Parking will be available in Bremore Castle Only
  • Patrons are encouraged to cycle or walk to the training
  • Please adhere to signage & access routes
  • Toilet facilities are available: Changing Room 1: Men and Changing Room 2: Ladies
  • Hand Gel Stations are available
  • Isolation Room

Coaches – Covid19 Safety Protocols

  1. Complete the Covid-19 Club Education eLearning Module (10-15mins)
  2. Complete a return to play health questionnaire prior to returning to play to your team
  3. Adhere to New Policies
    • Sessions reduced to 45mins to ensure a smooth transition of teams and set up
    • Attend training 5mins before start time only
    • All equipment to be sanitised pre/post-training session
    • No shared water bottles are to be used
    • One way system on/off the pitch
    • Parking will not be available in the club until further notice
    • Club facilities such as dressing room, meeting rooms & clubhouse are restricted
  4. A team COVID Supervisor should be appointed for your team and notified to the C&G group / Club Covide Supervisor  through this online form
  5. PPE equipment will be provided if required.
  6. All returning players must complete the health questionnaire prior to return to play
  7. Ensure that players are registered and members reference existing club policy
  8. Communicate the protocols and policy to players/parents along with Team COVID Supervisor
  9. Adhere to player/training guidelines
    • Contact Training 
    • Restrictions of players are lifted ( where possible try to have smaller group sessions ) – For information of small group drills please refer to Anthony Holly
    • Training to take part in designated pitch ( reference pitch availability )
    • Team Training slots are available here 
  10. Your pitch/training allocation may change so please refer to the C&G group for confirmation.
  11. Club fixtures will commence from 17th July, along with challenge matches
  12. In the case of a player injury and social distancing cannot be adhered PPE such as face masks should be worn
  13. In the scenario where a player is suspected of having COVID symptoms that player is to be escorted to the Medical Isolation Room 
  • Tissues, Hand sanitizer, disinfectant and/or wipes, gloves, masks and the waste bag will be available
  • A sign-in sheet is available where details of attendance are recorded
  • The player/parent must contact local GP or HSE for further advice