Ballinteer St John was the next test for the O’Dwyers u15 team on Tuesday 20th August. Some initial changes in squad formation with Eoghan (Richie) Richardson slotting in full forward, Conor O’Sullivan right half forward. Davy creamer was another key change, from attacking right half back to centre half forward. Oisin McDonald took up the mantle right half back. Final positional change, Tom Downes at left half forward in place of Fiach Keenan who was asked to defend.


O’Dwyers, unable to secure procession from the throw in, gave worrying signs that we might have a real battle on our hands. Ruairi Devlin was quick to intercept and took control of play soloing up the field to find Davy Creamer who delivered his first pint over the bar some 40yards out. O’Dwyers kept the pressure on with Tom, Davy, Matthew and Danny key securing procession, winning the majority of play from kick outs. David Creamer had no problem finding the target at every opportunity given to him. Ballinteer St John B gave a good account of themselves and commenced several strings of attack They narrowly missed scores due to the pressure applied from Dermot Tuckey, Seanin and Fiach Keenan. Darragh Matthews and Ruairi Devlin were first out to the ball on several occasions denying the full forwards any opportunity to gain procession. O’Dwyers over-ran play at times from midfield resulting in 6 wides in the first 15 minutes of the game. Ballinteers ‘speedy’ left half forward looked threatening every time he gained procession. Ballinteer came close to scoring, a rocketed shot inches over the bar. O’Dwyers with all their procession, looked increasing likely to conceded and leave Balinteer within a point. Reluctant Richie was asked to drop back to cover ‘Speedy’ and did a great job winning procession and creating several attacking opportunities for David Creamer, Conor Osullivan and Oisin McDonald. A wave of attack ensued as in form Davy commence a string of scores tallying (1 -06) for the 1st half. The mid field presence of Matthew Leonard and Daniel Hughes provided several opportunities for the half forward and full forward line.


With a scoreline of 1-07 to 0-01 at half time, the team was left unchanged going into the second half. Throw in was conceded again and a fresh attack ensued, wide once again. Darragh was able to find mid-field and half forward players from kick-out, the wind favouring O’Dwyers in the second half. David Creamer continued as he started and took the 1st two scores of the second half. Daniel Hughes found the target for the second time in the game. Matthew Leonard and Ruairi Devlin both added points to the tally. Ballinteer made a substitution and some positional changes. If their 1st half number 12 (Speedy) was fast, the second half sub was lighting flash Jack. Two points resulted in this initial change. Tom Downes dropped back to re-enforce the back line, Darragh Mathews took on the role of man marking ‘Flash’ along with Matthew Leonard. With the sting now clearly taken out of our tail, and little or no pressure on Paul McNally in goals, Darragh dropped out to mid-field position. Tom delivered some nice kick-outs well down field, one of which was secured by Davy and delivered to the full forward line. Eoin Richardson came close as did Cian O’Maonaigh. Two goals followed, one by Eoghan Richardson, the next from Darragh Mathews taking on the back line and shooting low to the left of the keeper. Darragh, Danny, Davy and Matthew all secured a points apiece. What was most noticeable in the second half was the team play, engaging players and the enjoyment shown on the face of the players as they closed the game out 0-04 to 3-16..Well done Lads and once again great leadership shown captain Tom Downes. Man of the Match awarded to David Creamer who scored an amazing 1-10.


Final Score: Balinteer St John 0-04 O’Dwyers 3-16


Team: Paul McNally, Dermot Tuckey, Darragh Mathews (1-01) Seanin Keanan, Oisin McDonald, Ruarai Devlin, Fiach Keenan, Matthew Leonard (0-02), Daniel Hughes (3), Conor O’Sullivan, David Creamer (1-10), Tom Downes, Eoin Richardson, Eoghan Richardson (1-00), Cian O’Maonaigh.