Dear Members and friends

We begin this, our first Patron Scheme update, by giving you the good news that the New Development plans have now been put out to tender, which means that from here on, the whole project will be gathering momentum.

In tandem with this, our fundraising efforts are moving on apace. We now have our thermometer signs erected in strategic places around the town and area, and these will be updated regularly. Keep an eye out, also, for the van-mounted thermometer as it moves from one locality to another.

Over the last number of weeks, our patron scheme has been progressing really well, but we need a real big push to reach our Target. At the moment we have   

  • €90,000 raised to date in fundraising activities
  • 23 patrons fully signed up 
  • €26,000 lodged to date in the account
  • 43 expressions of commitment, but yet to start  
Our club website and social media will be updated regularly with details of all upcoming events, in which friends and family alike can participate.  
We look forward to seeing you there.
Your Fundraising Committee