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O’Dwyers GAA Club is a GAA community club in the heart of the communities of Balbriggan, Balscadden and Balrothery in North County Dublin. The club has a strong history within the community and recently celebrated 100 years in existence.

The year 2018 marked the Centenary of O’Dwyers GAA club in our community and with the vision and planning for our new club development. The dream is now becoming a reality as we have now broken ground on the 4th May 2021, and so we begin a new chapter in the history of the GAA in Balbriggan, Balscaddan and Balrothery

The New Club Development will be completed in 3 phases

Phase 1A – Pitches and Ground Work


  • Duration (Weeks): 20
  • Start Date: 4 May 2021
  • End Date: 20 August 2021

Scope of work

  1. Break out new site entrance, form interim hardstanding/ contractors’ compound
  2. Utilities (Water/Gas/Foul & SW/ Electricity/Telecoms): connections & services brought onto site
  3. Confirm outfall/connection inverts for all new services
  4. Excavation/fill to formation level for new pitches carpark, Clubhouse & Sports hall
  5. Foundations for entire Clubhouse + sports hall
  6. Rising walls (Clubhouse only – not sports hall)
  7. All subfloor drainage & service runs: Clubhouse + sports hall
  8. Lay base layer of hard-core to all carpark areas
  9. Construct external RC ramp/steps at the new change of level between 2 pitches/carpark levels. Construct pedestrian steps (NE corner of sports hall) between Pitch 1 and future Pitch 3 (FCC lands)
  10. Construct all new boundaries**, paths, bases to floodlight poles, underground services & drains which will be inaccessible after completion of pitch construction. (Contractor/specialist to confirm logistics of erecting floodlight poles in future (i.e. post-completion/establishment of playing surfaces of pitches.)Complete construction of 2 nr pitches incl perimeter footpaths (both pitches) and spectator railing (Main pitch only), goal posts, ball-stop nets & dugouts; hoard-off / protect.
  11. Field Maintenance & External Equipment Buildings: Structural base/slabs
  12. Landscaping (soft): initial (season-appropriate) planting to North & West boundaries & between Pitches 1 & 2.
  13. Test / Commission / Sign-off / Handover (as appropriate)
Phase 1B – Clubhouse and Grounds


  • Duration: 39 weeks (Incl 4 week overlap)
  • Start Date: 23 August 2021
  • End Date: 27 May 2022

Scope of work

  1. Complete backfill (blinded hard-core to 330mm below GFL) over top of foundations – sports hall (only)
  2. Enclose sports hall area with Heras-type fencing.
  3. Complete ground floor slab – Clubhouse (only – not sports hall)
  4. Complete Clubhouse superstructure, GFL, & 1st FL & roofs (incl fall-arrest systems, glass balustrades to viewing balcony area), all external windows, doors & shutters; incl 3 no stairs (complete) and agreed temporary weathering construction to ‘exposed’ east elevation of Clubhouse
  5. Complete all services (incl finishes & fit-out to GF & 1st FL clubhouse – Fire alarm, Emergency Lighting systems etc to be completed at 1st FL to allow certification & compliant/safe occupation of all 1st FL areas
  6. Complete external drainage & service runs
  7. Field Maintenance & External Equipment Buildings: Completion incl. superstructure & assoc M&E services
  8. Complete all footpaths/paved areas providing universal access from the site entrance to the clubhouse (incl new public pavement & pedestrian crossing on R132), all Disabled parking spaces & markings, all paved areas, disabled parking external to/adjoining new Clubhouse, incl bicycle stands, bin stores etc
  9. Complete carpark: – with base layers, blinded hard-core, kerbing, drainage (RW gullies may need to be temporarily set low), Provision of small temporary/removable tarmac ramps at access points to the transition from hard-core levels to ‘finished’ paved areas (Part M compliance!)
    Completion of all carpark (public) lighting
Phase 2 – Final Works


  • Duration: 39-44 weeks (Incl 4 week overlap)
  • Start Date: 23 August 2021
  • End Date: 1 July 2022

Scope of work

  1. Floodlighting: Completion of installation – poles, luminaires, test & commission (weather/season/pitch-condition dependent?)
  2. Sports hall: Completion of Superstructure, roof structure (incl. roof covering, drainage & fall arrest systems; wall cladding, all M & E services, finishes & fittings.
  3. Completion of all SW drainage & perimeter paving’s etc to the Sports hall
  4. Ball Wall: Completion of foundations, superstructure, perimeter fencing gates, playing surface, floodlighting
  5. Completion of the main entrance gates/railings**
  6. Completion of all external areas incl carparks with tarmac & Ballylusk chippings as per ‘Full Scope’ Spec
  7. Landscaping (soft): complete the enhanced/Planning compliant planting to the entire site & all boundaries
  8. Test / Commission / Sign-off / Handover



900 Active members & 58 teams from adult to Junior catering for Boys & Girls teams in Football, Hurling and Camogie

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