Coaching Corner

Our Coaching & Games Development section of the club aims:

  • To provide a consistently high standard of coaching and mentoring, with the appropriate  games development structures in place
  • To ensure each player is prepared to the best of his/her ability and has an opportunity to participate fully and take part in meaningful games in a safe and enjoyable environment
  • To improve current levels of performance with a clear pathway for our members and teams to reach their full potential and play at the highest attainable level.
  • To development and train our coaches and officials at all levels

To meet these aims we have structured our coaching and games section as follows:

We will need a large number of Club members, particularly players past and present, if we are to achieve our goals relating to Coaching and Games Development. Mentors and school staff will also be hugely important; we will also be calling on the Dublin County Board and Leinster Coaching teams for additional support.

  • Coaching and Games Development Support Personnel
    • Coaching Administrator
    • Coaching Equipment & Facility Coordinator
    • School Liaison Officers
    • Children’s Officer
    • Referee Coordinator
  • Coaching and Games Development Coordination Personnel
    • Head Coach
    • GPO
    • Coaching Subcommittee


  • Coaching and Games Development Delivery Personnel
    • Youth Officer
    • Nursery Coordinator
    • Football Development Officer
    • Hurling/Camogie Development Officer
    • Head Coaches
      • Assistant Coaches
      • Parent Helpers