Dear Parents,

You will already be aware of the forthcoming construction of our state-of-the-art Club Grounds and Clubhouse. Such a development will provide a solid foundation for the growth of our Club and GAA games and culture in Balbriggan, Balscadden, Balrothery and surrounding areas

For this to be realised, we all have to think of the Club as a family unit. To be a member of any group, but especially of a family, brings with it responsibilities. Just as the Club Committees ( in this case one or two small committees comprised of a handful of hard-working volunteers) are working hard to provide games for all, equal commitment is expected from all, most especially parents, to play their part in the creation of our new GAA family home – to make it happen, in effect. We all want the same thing: to see our children develop into fully-rounded individuals who can reach their full potential, on and off the playing pitch. But we also want them to have a healthy and fun-filled, carefree childhood that sustains them, protects them, helps them grow into the best version of themselves.

And that’s where you as parents come in. Today’s children will benefit the most from our new sports complex. We need you to commit to your children’s future; we need you to commit to all the children who make up our O’Dwyers family; we need you to put your hand up and be counted on to help drive this ambitious project on apace, so that it can be delivered quickly and successfully, without any debt spilling over to become the responsibility of the next generation. We must never let that happen, but we can’t do it without you. This is a bend-in-the-road moment where we can control what lies beyond – a new beginning, where anything and everything is possible.

What can you do?

There are many ways in which you can show commitment. The most obvious and most important, at the moment, is to make a financial commitment. The figure suggested is €1000 per family. While this may seem like a large amount, there are several bite-size ways that this amount can be raised or donated, as outlined below.

  1. Patron Donation Scheme (€1000) – over two years this works out at c€10 a week
  2. Commit to supporting the Club Lotto – by buying yourself or selling to grandparents/aunts/uncles of children in club/workmates. Simply selling two or more envelopes per week will, over two years, produce the same income as one patron donation
  3. Pitch Side Advertising, competitively priced at €300 per year per sign. Do you have a contact who would be interested?
  4. Corporate Sponsorship. Have you any contacts who would be interested? Simply provide us with a contact and/or introduction and we will manage the rest
  5. Stage a one-off Fundraising event (This could be anything: table quiz/car treasure hunt/cake sale – with a raffle, this could raise €1000 in a night
  6. Have you a particular talent that would be beneficial to the Club: Marketing; Printing; Advertising; Trades etc.

There may be many other suggestions that we have not thought about – please let us know if you have an idea

It is my strong belief that everyone has an important part to play in the successful delivery of our new home.

I ask you to play your part by selecting one of the above and returning this by email to me at confirming your commitment. Let’s do it together. Let’s make it happen.

Yours in sport,
Liam Howley

Club Chairman,

O’Dwyers GAA