Patron Scheme

The year 2018 marked the Centenary of O’Dwyers GAA club and with the plans for our new facility are already at an advanced stage these are exciting times for our club. The dream is now becoming a reality as we prepare to break ground in 2019, and so begin a new chapter in the history of the GAA in Balbriggan.

As part of our campaign to raise the funds needed for this development, the Club is launching our Patrons Personal Donation Scheme. Obviously, €1000 is a big commitment to ask, and we do not make the request lightly, however, we do make it earnestly and from the heart, because this is a very important community undertaking.

These new Gaelic grounds are being built for everyone, but it is you, our members, friends, and supporters, who are the cement that binds a community together. Without your support and commitment, no building on its own, (however well-built), can ever hope to create a community. Together we can deliver this state of the art facility for our Club and the people of our community to enjoy for generations to come.

We have created a detailed Development Brochure that explains the Project and scheme in greater details; such as

  • The amount needed to be raised over the next two year?
  • How can we raise the funds we will need?
  • What if I am self-employed?
  • What will donors receive in return for their donation?

Donation Scheme

The O’Dwyers Development Project is approved by the Revenue to receive taxable benefit from PAYE workers. Every €1000 donated nets an additional €667 for O’Dwyers from revenue. O’Dwyers is happy to accept donations in installments by standing order. We can get tax relief on annual donations above €250.  To be part of this vision, we have outlined the 4 steps below that you will need to do to support us in delivering your future

1. Select Donations Option

Donations can be made as a one-off payment or periodically (e.g. Weekly or Monthly) and can be spread over a two year period. A Standing Order form will be available to download from the website and copies will also be available in the clubhouse. Completed forms should be returned to your bank for the standing order to be set-up

As reflected below, there are a number of ways you can pay the €1,000, and while everyone is aware that it is a lot of money, it works out at less than €10.00 a week over the 2-year period

  • €1,000 one-off donation
  • 2 x €500 donations during the next two years
  • 4 x €250 donations half yearly in each of the next two years
  • €83.34 per month direct debit for 12 month
  • €41.67 per month direct debit for 24 months
  • €9.62 per week direct debit for 2 years (104 weeks)
  • €19.24 per week direct debit for 1 year (52 weeks)

Note: cash or cheques cannot be accepted for any of the final four options)

2. Set-up payment method

Direct payments can be made to the Club’s development bank account (see details below) and should be clearly referenced with the benefactor’s name. In such situations, notice of the donation should be emailed to

  • Bank details: Bank: AIB Bank, Balbriggan.
  • Account Name: O’Dwyers GAA Club Development Account
  • Account Number: 33200208
  • Sort Code: 93-20-19
  • IBAN: IE39AIBK93201933200208

Cash and cheques can be submitted along with any documentation (discussed further below) on Monday nights in the clubhouse between 8 pm and 9 pm only. Cheques should be made payable to O’Dwyers GAA.

Standing Order forms are available to download in word / pdf versions and copies are also available in the clubhouse. Completed forms should be returned to your bank for the standing order to be set-up. A completed standing order form is available here that you can use for reference.

All payments will be receipted clearly as being related to the development as per the provisions of the tax relief scheme

3. Complete the ‘Commitment to Donate’ Form

Everyone who joins the scheme needs to complete a ‘Commitment to Donate’ Form. This is simply to ensure we can track who is joining the scheme and reconcile their payments coming into the bank. These forms are available for download here or in the clubhouse. These forms can be returned to the clubhouse between 8 pm and 9 pm on Mondays or emailed to

4. Complete Tax Claim Form

To allow the Club to reclaim the tax a Tax Relief Form needs to be completed by the donor (if they pay tax under the PAYE system). This needs to be completed for each tax year payments are made. Copies of the form will also be available in the clubhouse or for download here. These forms can be returned to the clubhouse between 8 pm and 9 pm on Mondays or emailed to