2021 Coaching

The O’Dwyers Way!
  • We understand that Great Club = Great Players = Great Coaching
  • We have the key objective and ethos bring ALL players through to adulthood
  • ‘What we have we hold’ – We focus on the players we have and creating a positive fun environment:
  • We get good help, we delegate non-core activities: – we focus on the coaching, the players and the sport
  • We coach the way we play, we make it fun, have small games, promote dual players,
  • We are always organised and if it’s not working we change it!
  • We Communicate, Communicate, Communicate to our Players, Parents, Coaches, Supporters
  • We always aim to play at the Highest Attainable Level
  • We are a Dual Club and we make decisions that will drive our sports and players forward in all sporting codes


2021 Coaching & Games Guidelines

Adhere to Club Juvenile Player Policy (Playing with own age group)

  • Very important for player development and retention
  • Starts at U7’s/U8’s – Get it right early
  • Have the conversations sooner rather than later
  • Exceptions: managed on a case-by-case basis


  • Our aim to have a team at every age groups
  • On CCC2 boys teams: where possible teams should play at there own age group up till u14s after 14s they should skip 15s (U15’s are played on Sundays , U16’s are played on a Saturday)

One Team One Dream

  • The players will be joining and feel part of a panel for their age group
  • Coaches Oversee all team(s) per age group in both Football & Hurling/Camogie
  • Training should be all together as a panel and not split (small games can be done matching groups up etc) and rotate at stations between mentors and allows all coaches develop their own coaching station or what they like to work on.
  • Any A & B players will train together (no distinction)
  • Coaching team to attend training and matches in both sports – Control the controllable
  • Match selection: A & B teams will comprise of player picked on form, players will alternate between the teams by coaches
  • Promote that different mentors swap around teams, in order that mentors see all players playing different games
  • Regular meetings between coaching group, after matches and training 30 mins i.e. What’s working well and what we need work on, and goes into 4-6-week team coaching plan, all coaches feed into this.
  • Swap things around, team trips, S&C, Sumba, Pilates and build a positive atmosphere, listen to players on their level, promote new players to join, and have a bit of banter and fun. Coaching should be fun.


Coaching Roles & Recommendations

Lead Coaches Role Includes:

  • Chief organiser for that particular age group of players Games, coaching, transport
  • Communicate effectively with players and parents
  • Knowledge of Long-Term Player Pathway and age-appropriate coaching
  • Delegate responsibility to assistant coaches
  • Represent age group at coaching committee meetings
  • Attend coach education opportunities
  • Ensuring effective communication among their mentors and implementation of Club policies and initiatives.
  • Organisation of monthly coaching team meeting to discuss the team and player development
  • Abide by the Club’s Welfare and Code of Behaviour Policies https://odwyersgaa.com/club-welfare

Assistant Coaches

  • Input into coaching programme
  • Actively Coaching – not just standing watching
  • Monitor player attendance and performance
  • Transport, Jerseys, Water, Pitch Set Up, Umpiring, sideline duties
  • Constantly learning and acquiring knowledge and experience – coaching course, expertise within club

Team Admin & PRO

  • Maintain team list of players
  • Keep a record of sub-collection
  • Keep a record of team sheets and players attending training
  • Ensure players are registered
  • Liaise with relevant club secretary
  • Coordination of team Events
  • Match Reports and submission to Club notes
  • Team Promotion

Parent Helpers

  • To provide supervisory assistance at coaching sessions
  • Assist Head coach with administrative duties
  • Assist with skills testing and recording of results
  • Supply or organise transport
  • Umpiring or sideline duties at youth games
  • Aspiration to attain coaching awards and involved more with coaching

Female Liaison Officer (FLO)

  • Every Ladies Football team must appoint a female liaison officer
  • Female presence on the Management Team
  • Liaise between the County Team (management and players) and the County Board
  • Liaise between the players and the management team
  • Ensure training and training methods are appropriate for females and target age group
  • Ensure Code of Best Practice is adhered to i.e. Code of Conducts, Travel Permission Forms, Parental Consent Forms
  • Act as an advisory resource for players
  • Organise logistics where required
  • Monitor drop out from County Teams

Team Equipment & Jersey Coordinator

  • Ensure Team equipment is maintained, accounted for, stored securely
  • Ensure Jerseys are accounted for, available for matches, are washed and Rota in place
Coaching Application Process