Report Injuries to Club Secretary

O’Dwyers Injury Scheme Process
  1. Head mentors must notify BOTH Club and Juvenile Secretary by completing the ‘Clubs Injury Reporting’ form below if a player gets injured during a training session or match.
  2. If the injury occurs during a match, the mentor must ensure that
    • The injury is recorded in the referee report.
    • If a mentor, is notified only after a game of injury, the mentor must contact the referee straight away to have it recorded into his/ her report.
  3. The relevant Secretary will record injury for club administrations.
  4. The Club/Juvenile Secretary will make contact with player over 18 or a parent under the age of 18.
  5. The GAA insurance process will be explained to the player or parent of a Juvenile Player
  6. Club or Juvenile Secretary will assist the claimant with the forms and the process

Further information on In the Injury Schemes are available here: the GAA, LGFA and Camogie Player Injury Scheme

It is important to note that All Claims will be subject to rigorous scrutiny including:

  • The player must be registered on the GAA Injury Fund (this is date/time stamped)
  • Only injuries that arise from an Official training/match event will be considered – Mentor must sign the declaration.
  • Secretary must sign a declaration
  • County Board must sign the declaration
  • An official letter signed by the secretary must be provided
  • All required documents must be completed in full
  • The claim must be submitted within the 60-day deadline