Coach Education Section

The Club via the GAA have a coach education programme in place that makes sure that every player is coached by a person qualified to the appropriate level.

1. GAA e-Learning Site Registration
Anyone who wants to be recognised as having completed a course and get their cert needs to be registered on the GAA e-learning site (if someone is already registered on the site it will tell them that their email address is recognised so that is fine – it is probably from a foundation course they did in the past) Due to GDPR participant must do this themselves. The steps involved are a follows:

  1. Step 1 – Register Here:
  2. Step 2 – Go into your email and confirm your email address by clicking the link
  3. Step 3 – Complete Profile details (Profile page will open when you click the link in your email)

NB – All participant must do this or they won’t be recognised as having completed the course or receive a certificate

There are two GAA coaching courses available that are of particular interest to O’Dwyers Club coaches.

2. Foundation Award Qualification

The Foundation Award is the introductory award for coaches and is aimed at beginner coaches. Each coach mush have a minimum of a Foundation Award coaching certificate.

The Club has organised a GAA Foundation Coaching Course on Saturday 14th March 2020 (12pm-5pm) in Castleland Community Centre

Please register at this link

The course covers 4 key modules: 1) Introduction to Games, 2) Skill Development, 3) Physical Literacy (Movement Skills), 4) Coaching Children, Youths and Adults as well as Introductory and Conclusion modules. The focus of the course is the development of ‘how to coach’ skills  by placing the participant in situations that they will face as coaches – the organisation of games, activities to develop skill and activities to develop various movement skills.

By the end of this Course participants will be able to:

  • Assist a coach in organising a programme of Games and Skill Development activities appropriate to each participant’s needs and abilities.
  • Identify the skills of hurling and football.
  • Assist a coach in organising progressive activities (drills and fun games) to develop 5 key skills.
  • Assist a coach in organising progressive activities to develop movement skills appropriate to Gaelic games.
  • Assist a coach in organising and managing players for an effective practice session.
  • Build rapport, observe, analyse, explain, provide demonstration and provide positive feedback to players.

3. Award 1 Qualification

The Award 1 Course is the second award on the coaching pathway of Gaelic Games and is aimed at those who have progressed through the Foundation Award and have experience as a coach. We aim to have all coaches at Award 1 level over time.